Welcome to The 2022 Kavli Prize Week

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During the week, a series of events and dialogues on science will take place in Oslo & Trondheim, Norway, including the Kavli Prize Award Ceremony held in honor of the 2020 and 2022 Laureates.

We are excited to celebrate this year’s Laureates and their scientific discoveries!

The Kavli Prize is a partnership among The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, and The Kavli Foundation (United States). Read more about the prize on The Kavli Prize website. 

Photo: Thomas Eckhoff.


Please mark which of the events you wish to attend during the Kavli Prize Week 2022. You may choose multiple events. 

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Here are all the events taking place in Oslo and Trondheim during the Kavli Prize Week. All events, both open and by invitation, require registration unless otherwise stated. 



  • September 3, 19:00

    Journalist Dinner at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo

    National and international journalists and editors - including the winners of the Kavli Prize
    scholarships for science journalists - are invited to a journalist dinner at the Academy.

    Speech by the President of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Lise Øvreås.

    • By invitation only. 

    The dining room at the Academy.

  • September 4, 10:00-11:00

    Information Session at Grand Hotel, Oslo

    This is an opportunity for all guests to meet the organizers and ask questions.
    We will go through the list of events taking place.

    This will also be an opportunity to learn more about Norwegian etiquette,
    the Banquet, and the Award Ceremony.

    • For guests staying at the hotel. 

    Photo: Grand Hotel, Oslo.  

  • September 4, 12:00-15:30

    Guided Tour, National Museum, Oslo

    We will visit the newly opened National Museum. 

    • By invitation only. 

    The National Museum. Photo: Premeditated, Wikimedia.

  • September 4, 16:30-18:30

    The Kavli Foundation Reception at Grand Hotel, Oslo

    The reception is an opportunity for the Foundation to bring together all its constituents
    and their guests to celebrate the Kavli Prize Laureates — past and present. 

    The reception takes place on the Grand Hotel Penthouse Terrace overlooking the beautiful
    city of Oslo and its fjord.

    • By invitation only.  

    Photo: Grand Hotel, Oslo.

  • September 5, 10:00-16:00

    Kavli Prize Laureate Interviews at Munch Museum, Oslo

    Science journalists Vivienne Parry and Danielle George will interview the Kavli Prize Laureates
    live on stage at the Munch Museum.  They will help the audience gain a deeper
    understanding of the Laureates and their award-winning research. 

    We will serve coffee. Participants will be able to explore the Munch Museum for free. 

    • Open to all. Welcome! 

  • September 5, 19:00-21:00

    Reception at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo

    The reception at the Academy is an informal celebration in honor of the laureates.

    The Academy's estate has its own park and is located at Frogner,
    along with most of the Ambassador's Residences in Oslo.

    Amuse-bouche will be served.

    • By invitation only.

  • September 6, 14:00-16:00

    Kavli Prize Award Ceremony, Oslo Concert Hall

    His Majesty King Harald V will present the Kavli Prizes to the Laureates at the Award Ceremony.
    Science broadcasters Selda Ekiz and Jim Al-Khalili (The Life Scientific) will co-host
    the gala event at which the 2020 & 2022 Kavli Prize Laureates will receive their awards and Norwegian artists will entertain.  
    The ceremony will be televised by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

    Doors open at 13:00. Refreshments will be served. 

    Guests are kindly requested to take their seats no later than 13:45.
    Please present your invitation (the QR code you will receive) or registration
    upon entry to the Oslo Concert Hall.

    Dress code: Dark suit, semi formal. 

    • Open to all. Welcome! 

    The Kavli Prize Award Ceremony 2018. Photo: Thomas B. Eckhoff

  • September 6, 19:00

    Norwegian Government’s Banquet, Oslo City Hall

    The special banquet in honor of Kavli Prize laureates is hosted by the Norwegian Minister of Research and Higher Education, Ola Borten Moe.
    The event is attended by members of the Royal Family, renowned scientists, and leaders of scientific institutions from around the world.
    Held in the magnificent Great Hall, the evening features addresses by the laureates, as well as special musical performances and presentations.

    Dress code: Black tie/bunad/gown or formal, long cocktail dress. 

    Invitations are distributed by e-mail by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. 

    • By invitation only. 

     Photo: Thomas B. Eckhoff. 

  • September 7, 19:00

    Dinner at Britannia Hotel, Trondheim

    The Laureates meet researchers. By invitation only. 

    Hotel Britannia in Trondheim. 

  • September 7

    Guided tour of the Observatory, Oslo

    Lecturers of the Astrophysics Symposium tour the Observatory. By invitation only. 

    The Observatory, Observatoriegaten 1. Photo: Jan-Tore Egge.

  • September 8, 10:00-15:00

    Kavli Prize Laureate Conversations at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

    The Kavli Prize Laureates in nanoscience and neuroscience in conversation about
    their research. 

    • Open to all. Welcome! 

    Main building, NTNU, Trondheim. Photo: Shekko, Wikimedia. 

  • September 8, 10:00-18:30

    The Astrophysics Symposium, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo

    Kavli Prize Laureates will give their Kavli Prize Laureate Lectures at the start of the symposium. 

    Followed by a dinner from 19:00 - 23:00 (optional). 

    • Open to all. Welcome! 

    The Academy. 

  • September 8, 16:00-17:00

    Guided tour of the Archbishop's Palace, Trondheim

    The Archbishop's Palace was the residence as well as the administrative center for 
    the Archbishop of Nidaros until the protestant reformation of 1537. The property lies next to
    the Nidaros Cathedral, central in Trondheim. 

    • By invitation only. 

  • September 8, 19:00

    Honorary dinner at The Archbishop's Palace, Trondheim

    The formal dinner at the Archbishop’s Palace is an event in honor of the Laureates
    hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim Municipality and Trøndelag County Council.

    Dress code: Formal, dark suit.

    • By invitation only. 

    Photo: Kim Nygard.

  • September 9, 10:00-17:00

    The Nanoscience Symposium at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

    The nanoscience Laureates will present their research at the Nanoscience Symposium. 

    • Open to all. Welcome!

    Followed by a dinner from 19:00 - 23:00 (optional).

    The main building of NTNU, Trondheim.
    Photo: Ssolbergj, Wikimedia


  • September 9, 10:00-17:00

    The Neuroscience Symposium at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

    The neuroscience Laureates will present their research at the Neuroscience Symposium. 

    • Open to all. Welcome!

    Followed by a dinner from 19:00 - 23:00 (optional).

  • September 9, 18:00

    Nanoscience and Neuroscience dinner, Trondheim

    Dinner for the lecturers and laureates. More information will follow. Registration is not required. By invitation only. 


Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us:

Project Manager at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Eirik Lislerud
Phone: +47 41072420
E-mail: eirik.lislerud@dnva.no 

Student associate, Anne H. Bakke - ask me general questions on registration etc. 
Phone: +47 986 13 967
E-mail: a.h.bakke@dnva.no 

Kavli Prize Director, The Kavli Foundation, Nadine Stern
Phone: 424-353-8822
E-mail: nstern@kavlifoundation.org
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Front desk
Phone: +22841500
E-mail: post@dnva.no


Guest at Grand Hotel? 

Sunday through Tuesday you may ask us questions at the manned Kavli reception at Grand Hotel.

The reception will be manned during the following times:

Sunday: 08:00 -10:00

Monday: 08:00 - 10:00 

Tuesday: 08:00 - 10:00


Or contact us using the form below:

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Practical information


Hotel rooms can be booked at Grand Hotel for a special rate. Visit http://www.grand.no/en/ and fill in the booking details, the promotional code BDET020922 and click "book now." Proceed by following the website's instructions.


Transportation (arrival, departure and getting around town)

Public Transportation:

Ruter is the name of the public transportation system. City buses, regional buses, trams, subway/metro, local trains and ferries (not the Bygdøy ferry) are all included in Ruter's ticket system. Tickets can be purchased from any of Ruter's sales points (cash, credit) or through their app "Ruter billett" or "Ruter". Tickets cost NOK 20 more when purchased on board and must be paid by cash. To travel by subway/metro or tram, you must always pre-purchase a ticket. We recommend downloading the Ruter Ticket app for easy purchase of tickets. Travel cards can be purchased at service centers and at most kiosks like Narvesen. A travel card cost NOK 50 in addition to the ticket. 

Getting to Oslo from the airport is easiest by train; however, taxis and car services such as Uber are also available. Click here for information on transportation and costs to and from the airport.


Departing from the airport, to Oslo

Train (recommended)

Take a right outside the customs area and proceed to the very end of the arrival hall. Look for the Airport Express Train (Flytoget) sign. Trains depart every 10 minutes, take 20 minutes to Oslo Central Station and cost NOK 198 . Most trains stop at the National Theatre Station, which is in walking distance to the Grand Hotel. Please check the schedule to be sure that the train does stop at the National Theatre Station.


Take a right outside the customs area and follow the signs to the taxi information booth outside the terminal. Ask for a taxi or use the tablet outside the booth to type in the name of your hotel and a list of available taxi companies will appear. Please be aware that the rates vary considerably among different companies. Book your taxi there and wait outside the terminal for your taxi to appear. 

When in Oslo we recommend using the company named Oslo Taxi. Call 02323, or 0047 22388090 if calling from a foreign phone number. The taxi company and drivers will speak English. The app Taxifix is also a convenient way to arrange for a taxi.

You may also order a taxi through the "Vy" app. You will be able to see and negotiate maximum price with multiple taxi provideres through the app. 


Departing for the airport

For international flights, it is recommended arriving at the airport two hours prior to the scheduled departure. For flights within Europe, one hour is sufficient.


Attire / dress codes

During the Kavli Prize Week you will be invited to both formal and informal events. Here is some information on the dress codes during the Kavli Prize Week of 2022. 

Most of the events have “business attire” as a requirement with the exception of the Norwegian Government’s Banquet at the Oslo City Hall, which is a black tie event and thereby a formal affair.

Norway is an open and friendly country. No matter how you identify, you are welcome to wear what you please and what you feel comfortable in. Please note that the temperature will vary from morning to evening in Oslo in early September. Checking the weather forecast and bringing clothes accordingly is recommended. Also, Trondheim is a bit further north, and the weather in early September may vary.  

If you are in doubt, a good tip is to check out the Flickr pages of The Kavli Prize to see what other guests and laureates wore in 2018. See pictures on Flickr by clicking here. 

The three categories of dress codes are as follows: 

1. Black tie:

The most important thing is that you feel great! No one will be turned away at the door.

Black tie is the most formal of the categories. For gentlemen, it is required to wear a black tie, while ladies should be dressed in an evening gown. This means that the dress should fall longer than the knees. 

2. Business attire:   

For gentlemen this basically means formal wear, but the jacket can be in a different color than the trousers. For women this means a suit or a dress that falls to the knees, or a comnination with jacket, blouse and a skirt. In Norway it is normal for women to wear trousers, also as a part of a business attire.  

3. Dark suit:  

For gentlemen this means that a suit should include two or three pieces in the same color, while the female can wear a dress, long or short, skirt or a suit.  


Business Attire events:  

Sept. 6 - Kavli Prize Award Ceremony  

Sept. 8 - Archbishop's Palace Dinner 


Black Tie/ Traditional National Dress:  

Sept. 6 - The Norwegian Government's Banquet  


Clothing rental in Oslo:

Tuxedo rentals are available from Brudekjolen salon. It is strongly recommended that guests bring a tuxedo for the banquet with them to Norway. Renting a tuxedo in Oslo requires contacting Brudekjolen in advance to schedule a fitting for Monday September 5, with considerations for returning Tuesday if alterations are necessary.

Contact: post@brudekjolen.no. Opening hours: 10:00-18:00 Monday-Friday, 10:00-16:00 Saturday. Address: Prinsensgate 5, 0152 Oslo. Web:  www.brudekjolen.no


Visiting Oslo

Oslo is a wonderful city to explore with many options to enjoy the culture, arts, food and more. This is a useful guide (SpottedByLocals). 


Internet access

Eduroam is accessible at Oslo Airport, the university campus, and the Academy. There is also an open Wi-Fi at the Oslo Concert Hall. If you stay at Grand Hotel Wi-Fi is included.


Cash and debit/credit card

Debit/credit cards with a security chip are the preferred payment method in Norway. Cash (Norwegian krone, or NOK) can be used at most establishments.